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The Dudley PTO is a group of parents and teachers working together to positively impact the education of Dudley’s elementary and middle school children. (grades PreK-8). The PTO provides opportunities for parents to get involved on many different levels, from chairing events to volunteering behind the scenes. We offer monthly meetings that allow for parents to offer suggestions and insight on better ways to fundraise. The PTO direct donation drive begins in September and runs all year long offering families an opportunity to directly help the PTO with out any other commitments. Look for the direct donation form to come home with your student or link on our website!

Our Mission

Our main goal is to provide funds to enrich the students of Dudley by offering funds for educational field trips, physical education supplies, music programs, art supplies, cultural enrichment programs, and many other in school events and activities.

The PTO provides funds to enhance the curriculum of the public elementary and middle schools. The funds that the PTO raises go directly back to the students of Dudley! We are a non profit organization that is completely run by volunteers who are passionate about allowing the children Dudley the best opportunities possible.

It is with the help of the administration and volunteers we are able to connect with  families through fundraising events and in school educational programs to raise funds that will directly benefit the children of Dudley. Our main objective is to offer financial support to the staff and students of Dudley through many different fundraising opportunities. We will work with all families and gain the approval of the administration to create engaging, educational programs that will create opportunities for staff and teacher appreciation as well as encourage community involvement.

We hope our PTO efforts impact the future of the Dudley students for years to come!


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Dudley PTO